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Purchasing Puppies and adult dogs from Eminence St Bernards

  1. Can you ship a dog to any country?

    We are able to ship a dog to many countries and use very reliable and proffesional pet transport companies to ensure all regulations and documentation is correct for entry into the country you want.  

    We are a rabies free country so the puppy can leave after it completes its vaccinations around 12weeks old.  This means you can have it from a puppy and do not have to wait for pet passport to be completed.

    If possible we can also deliver dogs in several countries by van and have went as far as Germany.  Are van is kitted out with cages to the highest standard for comfort and safety of your dog.

  2. How much will it cost to purchase a dog/puppy?

    Our prices vary depending on the wheather it is a show quality or pet quality puppy/dog.  It can cost anything between £900-£1200 GBP.

    If delivery of the puppy/dog is required or to keep it until a time suits this will be added to the puppy price.

    We can accept several methods of payment including cash, bank transfer or credit/debit card.

  3. Do I need to pay a deposit?

    We will require a deposit of £200 when the puppy is born and a week old.

    If it is an older pup/adult we require half the puppy price to secure the dog and then final payment when collecting/delivering the dog.

  4. Do I need to book a puppy or let you know I am interested?

    We always have lots of enquiries for puppies and it is best to contact us if you are interested in getting a puppy from us.

    If it is a paticular line/mating or you want to show your dog then you should contact us.

  5. what is the difference in the coats of St Bernards?

    St Bernards have two different coats.

    The short coat is much easier to keep and requires alot less grooming and work.  They do not have feathering/hairy ears and the feet are nice and tidy.  To show a smooth in Europe or Ireland they have breed classes seperate to the long coated St Bernards.

    In England both coats are shown in the same classes.

    Rough coat St Bernard has much more hair on ears/feet/body and a bushy tail.  This coat takes regular grooming to ensure that there is no knots in the coat.

  6. Why do you breed St Bernards?

    We breed St Bernards for sound, strong moving dogs with great temperments.

    We are always trying to improve are lines and dogs and for us to be able to do this we must breed by using correct dogs and studing there pedigrees.

    We can only move forward and produce better puppies by breeding.

  7. Will a St Bernard suit me?

    St Bernards are an excellent breed of dog that fit into many different cirumstances.  They have an easy going attitude and love company with humans and other dogs.

    They get on very well with children and can be extremely gentle if brought up and trained correctly they make great companions and friendship with children.

    They will loose there coat completely about twice a year needing groomed well and all loose coat taken out.

    They do slopper but most of the time this is only while eating/drinking or to hot.

    They can be kept as an indoor or outdoor pet they love to lie on cold floors and tiles.

    They need moderate excersise daily when older.

    They are easy to train and love the attention they get when greated in public.

    They are a Giant Breed and will grow very big in a short period of time.

    Any further questions can be emailed to me.

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