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Dogs that we have had the pleasure of Owning and Loving that have passed away.xx

Irish, International Champion Callas Van't Hof Ter Quinni (Euro Winner 09)

6th December 2003 to 12th November 2009

Will Love and Miss You forever xxxx





  To My Wonderful Girl Callas.

You Came to me to late and left me too early.  The fond memories I hold for you will last forever.  You moved yourself right into the heart of our family, making your bed in the hall on a cot mattress right next to a double radiator (who says u were built for the snow lol).  You loved nothing better than to curl up on the satee with me and were not happy till your body was touching mine.

 We had fantastic fun showing together and gaining your Irish, International and Euro Titles.  You made me so proud and would do anything I asked of you, just happy to please me.  We loved your lovely natured Charactor and fantastic confirmation and thought it would be a shame not letting you have a litter of puppies.

You made us laugh at you sneaking into the boys room and stealing their teddy bears, these you would make your pups and carry them ever so gently back to your bed and line them up turning them to lick their tummies and gently moving them around. 

We decided after all the fun you had in the ring that we would let you retire and breed you.  Which we did and little did we know what lay ahead.  You carried four puppies (which 3 showed in a scan)  but nearing the birth you were not your usual self and we rushed you to the vets for a c-section.  It was here we saw the devastation that you had a fourth pup die in you and had started to poison you.  You fought the infection hard for two days before dying in my arms and leaving your babies.

 Callas I hand reared your babies and have kept your daughter with your son only down the road.  We have named your daughter (Eminence Can't Forget you) Calla in your honour and she will go on to live in your memory and stay special in my heart.                                  




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